Staff Structure

Governing Body – Chair
H. Herritty

Headteacher – Mrs J Derrer (DSL)
Acting SENCo for 2019-2020l
Leadership Team members/Senior Lead Teachers –
Mrs J Benson
Miss A Pinches (DSL)

Mrs H Harper-Jones (currently on maternity leave)

Class teachers – Mrs J Benson, Mrs R Bernasconi, Mrs C Deards, Mrs H Harper-Jones, Miss A Pinches, Miss S Pullinger, Mrs S Davies
Teaching assistants – Mrs J Mottram, Mrs C Summerfield (Nursery Nurse), Mrs L Wade, Mrs R Langley (Learning Mentor), Mrs A Colin-Stokes, Mrs M Wilkes, Mrs D Richardson, Mrs C Smillie
The Headteacher is responsible for managing the school. In her absence the Senior Lead Teachers have overall responsibility.
The class responsibilities of teaching staff 2019/20 are as follows
Class Year Groups Teacher Teaching Assistant

Reception / Year 1
Miss S Pullinger
Mrs S Davies (1 day NQT/PPA cover) Mrs J Mottram
Mrs C Summerfiield
Mrs M Wilkes

Year 2 / Year 3
Miss A. Pinches Mrs R Langley

Year 3 / Year 4
Mrs R Bernasconi
Mrs A Colin-Stokes
Mrs D Richardson/Mrs C Smillie

Year 5 / Year 6
Mrs J. Benson, Mrs C Deards Mrs Wade

Non-Teaching Staff
Office Manager – Mrs S Webb
Admin support – Mrs L Cox
Cleaner-in-charge – Ms L Bradley
Cleaner – Mrs M Davis
Cook – Mrs R Phillips
Kitchen assistants – Mrs Ruth Claybrook
Ms L Bradley
Senior lunch time supervisor – Mrs L Cox
Lunch time supervisors – Mrs C Summerfield
Mrs L Wade
Mrs R Langley
Mrs A Colin Stokes
Mrs M Wilkes
Mrs D Richardson
Mrs C Smillie