Claverley PTA is a thriving association which raises welcome funds and brings awareness to the student needs of the school. With teacher/parent cooperation, we are making great strides in keeping Claverley School a fantastic place for children to learn and have fun.
We are lucky to have a strong and willing group of volunteers, who are constantly thinking of new and exciting ways to raise money.
Additional help is always welcome.
Some of the exciting events organised and run by the PTA include: Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day Shop, discos, movie nights, Breakfast with Santa, Easter Egg Hunts, Summer Fair, weekly cookie sales and cheats day.
So far any money raised has gone towards supporting the children in so many ways including: new books, new playtime equipment, a set of IPads, the refurbished library, maths equipment and theatre trips.

The PTA are very keen to continue raising money and we are keen to look at ways of putting on events whilst being able to remain in our bubbles. Events will be shared when we have set the dates.

The school would really like to express their gratitude to Natalie Williams who has been an active member of the PTA, and the treasurer for quite some time too. With the children moving on, she is unable to continue in her role. She has supported many events and given up several hours. The children have benefited from all her hard work and especially loved Wednesdays when the cookies were sold! Thank you from all at Claverley.

Calendar of events

Spend chart

The PTA have had a really active autumn term and they raised an amazing £2547.48 at their ‘Winter Wonderland’ Ball.

We are delighted to announce that we have made a fantastic £565.59 on the raffles which took place during the KS1 and KS2 plays, a fabulous £220.25 on breakfast with Santa and a brilliant £204.41 from the Christmas shop! That’s a staggering £990.25 raised over the last two weeks of term to be spent on exciting projects and experiences in the new year for all the children in the school enjoy! The PTA cannot thank the parents enough for all of their support with our fundraising projects, without you and the enthusiasm of all the kids wanting to join in, we couldn’t do this.

We would also like to thank all the parents that have helped during the events and the staff for all of their support in organising the children.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break and look forward to seeing you in 2020. From all at the PTA

Some photos from the Christmas shop.

Spring 2020

School were able to use £300 donated by the PTA to fund the new books for the ‘Bookfest’ that each class is running. The children were so enthusiastic and delighted with them.