21.06.24 – Sports Afternoon

Friday 21st June

Children can come to school in PE kit. They can wear a T-Shirt with the colours of their house team if they would like. You do not need to go out and buy a special top- it can be one that they already have with some of the colours of their house on it.

They will all need a water bottle and should bring a light coat and hat to school too depending on the weather. The PTA are very kindly organising ice lollies for after the the event.

Families are welcome to come and watch. We do however ask you to stay behind the spectator lines so that we can manage the children. The gates will be open at 1pm and parents can bring rugs/chairs to sit along the bank on the right had side. The children will parade past at 1:15pm. We start with a round robin where families can follow their child’s house team and support them. Then, we gather by the running track to do the flat races.

Fingers crossed for some fine and dry weather!


17.06.24 – What’s happening this week?

Monday 17th June – Year 6 Bikeability.

Tuesday 18th June – Mrs Stalmans in Blue (am) and Yellow (pm) today.

Year 6 Bikeability

Blue class swimming (pm)

Rounders Tournament after school for the team.

Wednesday 19th June – Year 5 to OWS workshop – wear school uniform.

Thursday 20th June – Year 6 to Crucial Crew

Friday 21st June – Sports Day – see separate post.


14.06.24 – Weekly update!

We are really proud of Year 4 for trying their hardest in the Multiplication Tables Check this week. They have all been busy learning their tables and we know they did their best. The results will be published on 24th June and parents will be informed of their child’s score.

Year 1 also tried their best and did the Phonics Screening check this week. Mrs Edwards was very proud of them all.

A big ‘thank you’ to Ezra’s mum for doing another car boot sale last weekend which raised another another £252.55! Thank you for all your donations as this is over £500 in total! Amazing!

Thanks to the PTA for organising the Fathers’ Day shop. We hope everyone who gets a gift will be very pleased with it!

Well done to all our Super Stars this week!

Red Class spellings – 14.06.24

Over the next few weeks, the children will be learning the words from the statutory Year 3/4 word list. There will be 10 words and they might already be confident with spelling some of them. For those children who find spelling tricky, they should try to learn as many as they can.

library, medicine, mention, naughty, occasion, natural, notice, material, minute, often

Here is a list of the statutory words.

Year 3/4 statutory word list

7.06.24 – News from the week and what’s happening next week?

This promises to be a very busy half-term so hopefully you have received the newsletter with some of the main events. This week has already gone very quickly so I know the rest will fly by too!

We had an RE audit from the Diocese on Wednesday. Mark Harrington received a warm welcome and was impressed with the feedback from the children. We will be having our SIAMs (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) inspection next year so this was good preparation.

Well done to our superstars this week.

What’s happening next week – 10.06.24?

Monday – Green and Yellow visiting the Gurdwara.

Tuesday – Multiplication Tables Check for Year 4.

Wednesday – Phonics Screening Check – Year 1.

Mrs Smith from OWS visiting Year 6.

Friday – PTA Father’s Day shop for anyone special.


Red class spellings – 7.06.24

This week’s words have the prefix ‘bi’ meaning ‘two’.

Group 1 and 2: biscuit, biplane, bisect, bicycle, binoculars, biannual

Group 3: biscuit, biplane, bisect, bicycle, binoculars, biannual, bicentennial, biceps

PTA news

Thank you to our wonderful PTA who organised the Krispy Kreme sale at the end of last half term. It was a lovely treat and raised £117! Also, a big ‘thank you’ to Ezra’s mum who raised £245 from doing a car boot sale. She has kindly offered to do another one on 9th June with the remaining items. If you have any more donations, these will be collected from the bike shelter on Friday 7th June.

With your support, the money raised does go back to the children and supports all the extra things they are able to do. Thank you everyone!

We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday 3rd June at 8:40am!

Return to school – Monday 3rd June at 8:40am.

Tuesday 4th June – Blue class swimming starts

4-5:30pm- Rounders practice for the team

Wednesday 5th June – Mrs Aguayo in Green today.


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