Wednesday Worship – The Courage to Stand Firm

Good morning,

Sometimes bad things happen to people because they refuse to change their minds about what they believe to be good and true. The story today is about someone who continued to believe in God and pray to Him every day even though the King made a law against it. Watch the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

Here is a retelling of the story too!

There are some people today who are put into prison simply because they believe in God and want to worship Him.

On the 9th October 2012, Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban. Her crime? Being a girl and wanting an education. Happily she survived and her birthday has been named ‘Malala Day’ to campaign for the rights of all children to have an education.

Shinzō Abe and Malala Yousafzai (1) Cropped.jpg

Think about what it might be like for some people to be separated from their family just for what they believe.

Dear God,

Today we remember those who are not free to worship you openly. We pray for organisations that work to keep the light of hope burning for those who need it. Give us the courage to stand up for what is right.


Have a listen to Daniel’s song.



Tuesday worship – Facing bullies with courage

Good morning,

Today, we are thinking about how you, as individuals and collectively as a school community, we can respond to instances of bullying.

Have a look at the picture. We have something very large and impressive and something small and insignificant. Which do you think is the most powerful, and why?

I expect you said the pin was more powerful because it can pop the balloon. We will be watching a story about David who was an important King of Israel.

David was the youngest of eight sons and was a shepherd like his father. While taking care of the sheep, he would use a sling to keep wild animals from hurting them. He would also play his harp. He wrote many of the songs found in the book of Psalms in the Bible. Watch the story to see how David’s life changed.

Goliath was a bully and enjoyed making fun of those he didn’t like. Has anyone made fun of you or spread untrue rumours? The things people say can make us feel upset or frightened. Even if we know the rumours are lies, we can be too worried to stand up to bullies.

This story shows how someone small and unimportant was able to be very courageous when he was faced with a big, boastful bully. If someone is telling lies about you or being nasty in another way, how might you stand up to them?

Today’s prayer is written by a man (Archbishop Desmond Tutu) who used powerful but non-violent ways to fight prejudice and discrimination against people in South Africa.

Goodness is stronger than evil,

Love is stronger than hate.

Light is stronger than darkness,

Life is stronger than death,

Victory is ours through Jesus who loves us.


Have a listen to the song- Only a Boy Named David

Worship- Tuesday 23rd March

Facing our Fears with Courage

Yesterday we watched the story of George and the Dragon and talked about how some people think the dragon represents our fears and worries. We reminded ourselves of the people we could tell if we had worries.

Today, we are going to listen to the story ‘The Huge Bag of Worries’

Can you remember some of the things Jenny worried about?

Do you ever worry about things like Jenny did?

How does worrying make us feel?

How do you cope with your worries?

It is important that we never make fun of someone else’s worries but listen to their concerns and try to help.

Has anyone ever had a worry that they no longer have? How did you deal with it?

Reflection– If you are worried or scared about anything today, have a think about who you can share it with.


Dear God,

Thank you for  the people who are there to help us.

Please help us never to feel like we have to manage all alone.

Please help us to find the courage to share our worries and to listen when others want to share their worries with us.


Here is a song based on ‘The Bag of Worries’


Worship – Our value is ‘Courage’

This half term, we are thinking about having courage. This is the same as being brave. In the film, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, the lion wanted to have courage because he was very scared.

wizard of oz

What he didn’t realise was that he had courage all the time. How any of you think you have courage? You don’t have to be a superhero or a grown up to have courage. We can all have courage.

Christians pray to God for encouragement and strength and it is important that we encourage others when they are having a difficult time.

Our theme today is encouraging others.

Has anyone ever been on a storm sea? What words would you use to describe it?

Today’s story tells how the apostle, Paul, faced opposition and danger with courage and trust in God. He was also able to inspire and encourage others around him to keep calm and work together. Watch the story.

How did Paul show courage? .How did he encourage others? We all need to show courage from time to time and remember the ‘Because I can…’ session from yesterday and the courage that Tim showed. He was also encouraged from those around him when he felt like giving up. How will you encourage others this week?

Dear God

Thank you for being with us when times are tough. Help us when we face problems and difficulties to be courageous and determined. When people we know are struggling, may we be ready to encourage them and help them in any way we can.


Finally, watch this clip of someone showing courage and being encouraged.

Monday worship- Connectedness

Good morning,

The last few weeks have been very difficult for lots of people. Just have a think about some of the things you liked about being at home and the remote learning. Then have a think about some of the things you missed most about being apart.

Now have a look and listen to this song – We are all Connected

Next collect your ideas on what things you like most about being back together (it is OK to say there are things you find hard about being back in school too).

Choose a coloured heart and write your name on it. Then write down a word or a sentence about some of the good things about being back together e.g. fun, friendship, caring for each other, learning together etc. Cut out your hearts and send them to Mrs Derrer

You can also have a listen to this song- ‘Lean on Me’ by Bill Withers. Have a listen to the words and say what you think the song is about.

Dear God,

We all face challenges.

They may be difficult and overwhelming.

We pray for calmness and peace as we approach these challenges.

We pray that we will comfort and support each other over the coming weeks.

Help us, today, to bring our friendship and love to others.