Hi Red class,

We wanted to thank you all for being a great class. You have tried hard over a really strange year of disrupted learning. Thank you for the lovely messages and gifts.

The summer holiday can feel like a long time so here are some ideas for things you can do if you find yourselves with a free day! Parents- a lot of the children found the unit on time very tricky. We find this is one skill that parents can really help with. They need to know both analogue and digital (12 and 24 hour clock times). It would be great if you could show them how many minutes past and the the next hour it is as you go through the day. Visuals box

Don’t forget to try and learn/remember as many as you can of the year 3/4 word list.


You could keep a holiday diary. You could add pictures and objects of interest as a reminder.

Here are some ideas for maths activites




Happy holidays everyone!

au revoir!

From Mrs Harper-Jones, Mrs Derrer and Mrs Colin-Stokes



Worship – Monday 19th July

As this school year draws to a close, it is also a time to be hopeful for the future. We are hopeful that we can come back together as a whole school and have assemblies in the hall and playtimes where all classes can mix and play together!

HOPE is where we feel positive about the future – where we have dreams and wishes and believe that things will work out right!  Let’s see if things work out right for a little paper boat…have a watch of this video about a little paper boat with big ambitions and dreams of sailing around the world like a giant cruise ship…..


That little paper boat had so many challenges along his journey – he was all on his own at the beginning in a world that he didn’t understand, and then there was the scary rat, the rain, the wind, traffic and the drains  – so many scary experiences!  But along the way, he was always hopeful – and he made friends (the dog!) and at the end  – his adventures had only just begun!

Our Year 6 are coming to the end of their time at Claverley – but, just like the paper boat, their adventures have really only just begun!  As we go through these last few days, let’s reflect more on the value of HOPE, and how important it is – particularly for our Year 6 pupils as they are about to leave and step out into secondary education.  I am very hopeful that they will go on and continue to live their ‘best lives’ and am sure that they will have many exciting adventures ahead of them!

Please learn the School Rules Song


One more step along the World I go


Dear God,
When things go wrong, help us to keep hoping.
When we are sad, help us to remember that happiness will come.
When we are lonely, help us to remember that people care for us.
When we are worried, help us to trust that you will never leave us.
Please help us to live in hope.

This week

I hope that you have enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend. As it looks set to stay until we break up, please make sure children have sun cream on when they come to school and bring a named water bottle and hat/ cap. Thank you