Using Teams – Remote Learning

We are planning to use Teams as part of our Remote learning. We will begin this on Monday 11th. Whilst this will also be other resources which we will use to support the children with their learning, we hope it will help the children to feel to connected  with each other and the whole school community.
Please could you log in to Office 365 before Monday with your children. Teams meetings are smoother if you download the Teams app but this is not essential. Office 365 will work on many different devices. Many of you will be familiar with Office 365 from your own work or may have other children which use it for school; however,  please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.
If children have not logged in or changed their passwords since we sent them out, then Office 365 is likely to ask the children to change their passwords.
You just need to enter the current password and then create a new password. Office can be a bit awkward about the password you create. It prefers a mix of numbers and letters and preferably not complete words.
Please make a note of it somewhere secure as password resets are not as quick as when we forget the ones for shopping sites!
Mrs Bernasconi