Safety Online

Most of us have been very dependent on our internet connected devices over the last year.

We all want to keep our children safe whilst allowing them to participate in this aspect of their lives. This can often feel like a constantly moving target and the children often have more time to explore than we do. Often apps which we start using to watch innocent videos and stay in touch with friends and family can provide inadvertent access to things we do not wish our children to see.

The guide below provides some information on the parental controls we can add to devices, apps and our home broadband connections. We hope that you find them useful.

Parental Controls booklet

In addition, Net Aware provides up to date information on the various social media apps and online games which are being used. Information includes age guidance, how to change settings to restrict content and information on the pitfalls (and how to avoid them).

This page is an example for Tiktok : Net Aware

We hope you will find these useful.

Mrs Bernasconi