Religious Education and Collective Worship

The Church of England’s Statement of Entitlement

RE Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools (1)

As a Shropshire school, we use the Shropshire Agreed Syllabus along with the the Understanding Christianity resource. Our RE lessons are intended to offer a broad and rich RE curriculum to allow for coverage of the areas prescribed; to allow for a variety of ways to explore religions, their community, investigate and respond to a variety of issues. Through each unit, children will know about and understand a range of religious world views. We want our children to understand the relevance of RE in today’s modern world and it affect our lives.

RE Long Term Planning

RE Progression Map

As a school, we promote our core Christian Values. Each value has a specific focus for every half-term. This is especially focused through assemblies, the RE and PSHE curriculum. We believe that these core values are fundamental in helping to develop our children to be responsible citizens of the future. Our core values are: Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Responsibility, Trust, Friendship and Compassion.

This half-term our value is: Courage

Collective Worship has a central position in our school and is held daily. Collective Worship is carefully planned through our half-termly Christian values as well as covering other key festivals. Worship provides opportunities for spiritual, cultural, moral and social development. We aim to provide high quality worship which is stimulating and enjoyable for all participants. Worship sessions include opportunities for sharing experiences, singing, prayer and quiet reflection. Parents are entitled to withdraw their children from Collective Worship and should contact the Headteacher if they wish to exercise this right