Coming up this week!

English: We will be reading John Patrick Norman McHennessy by John Burningham and Dear Teacher by Amy Husband. We will use our imaginations to think of excuses for why we might be late for school! We will look at how letters are set out and write letters to our teacher explaining the adventures we have been on whilst we were trying to get to school on time!

Maths: Year 2- Multiplication.                                                                          Making and adding equal groups

Writing multiplication sentences using the X symbol

2 X table, 5 X table and 10 X table.                                                             

Year 3-Multiplication/Division                                                                                      Multiplying by and dividing by three

Using the 3 times table when solving problems. 

Science: Learning about evaporation. What happens to a puddle once it stops raining?

Please see Mrs Derrer’s post about wearing school uniform tomorrow for photos and bringing trainers for Dance.

Diwali crafts