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Well done Yellow!

I would like to congratulate you all for working hard, staying kind and keeping your sense of fun during this extraordinary year. Thank you to all your families for their tremendous support and understanding. I hope that you all have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you in September. I have posted some ideas on the homework page for you to browse. Let me know if there is any further support that I can provide. Thank you, Miss Pinches

Worship – Monday 19th July

As this school year draws to a close, it is also a time to be hopeful for the future. We are hopeful that we can come back together as a whole school and have assemblies in the hall and playtimes where all classes can mix and play together!

HOPE is where we feel positive about the future – where we have dreams and wishes and believe that things will work out right!  Let’s see if things work out right for a little paper boat…have a watch of this video about a little paper boat with big ambitions and dreams of sailing around the world like a giant cruise ship…..

That little paper boat had so many challenges along his journey – he was all on his own at the beginning in a world that he didn’t understand, and then there was the scary rat, the rain, the wind, traffic and the drains  – so many scary experiences!  But along the way, he was always hopeful – and he made friends (the dog!) and at the end  – his adventures had only just begun!

Our Year 6 are coming to the end of their time at Claverley – but, just like the paper boat, their adventures have really only just begun!  As we go through these last few days, let’s reflect more on the value of HOPE, and how important it is – particularly for our Year 6 pupils as they are about to leave and step out into secondary education.  I am very hopeful that they will go on and continue to live their ‘best lives’ and am sure that they will have many exciting adventures ahead of them!

Please learn the School Rules Song

One more step along the World I go

Dear God,
When things go wrong, help us to keep hoping.
When we are sad, help us to remember that happiness will come.
When we are lonely, help us to remember that people care for us.
When we are worried, help us to trust that you will never leave us.
Please help us to live in hope.

Our learning this week

English/History: We have imagined what it would have been like for Shackleton’s crew stranded in Antarctica. We have written letters in role.

Maths: Using efficient methods for subtraction.

P.E: Cricket and athletics.

Art: We completed our work on printing.

Coming up next week!

Monday: The children will meet their new classes on the field for a short getting to know you session. I have not set spellings this week.

Tuesday: P.E (Please note, this is a change as it is a short week)

Wednesday: Last day of term.

Monday 12th July- Worship

Good morning everyone,

What a weekend! We had a great school sleepover for year 6 on Friday night. They came back to school and enjoyed hot dogs and pizzas. They enjoyed rounders on the field and games in the hall. We did all manage some sleep too! It was a good night and I think they enjoyed themselves!

Then lots of you probably stayed up to watch the football last night and despite their best efforts, it was not England’s night. So let’s start with a song!

There will be a lot of talk in the papers today about how the players, manager and fans behaved. I know that lots of you will be feeling sad and disappointed. So, today I want us to think about decisions and consequences – as every choice that we make has a consequence – and it is up to us to make the right choice so that we have a positive consequence.

I wonder how many decisions you have made today already?  Have a think and share….

…I think today, so far, I have made several decisions – including what to eat for breakfast, what to wear today, what to say to my children who were disappointed about the football…

Thinking about the decisions we make can be really hard especially if we want to make others smile, feel happy and positive.

Have a think about how you are going to speak to people today, or how you are going to react when your parent asks you to get up, or how you are going to behave when you get to school?

We are all ‘free’ human beings with the ability to choose and do what we want to do and what we actually do or don’t do affects others.

Our choices, thoughts and actions all have an impact on us, but they also affect the people around us. This happens the other way round too.

Watch this clip on how to make good choices.

So as you go through your day, try and think about your choices before you make them – try and think about what the consequence might be and see if this helps you to make the right choice.

Dear God,
Please help us to be wise.
Help us to realise that there are consequences to everything that we do.
Please help us to make good decisions that will work out best for ourselves and for other people.

Can we all learn this song ready for the Leaver’s service – One More Step Along the World I Go

Our learning this week

Well done Yellow Class for continuing to work incredibly hard! This week, I am sharing our learning with the whole school instead of just our class as lots of people have asked to see your wonderful homework projects about European countries. Come on Yellow!

English: This week, we have used our history work about the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton to inspire our writing. We used the beautiful book ‘ Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill.


Maths: Using efficient methods for addition.


Music: We listened to some music inspired by Antarctica and then composed our own.

Art: Polystyrene tile printing

Homework: We researched the country we were assigned and created a project of our choice.




Monday 5th – Worship

Today, let’s think about the concept of Trust – what it means and how it can help us to be brave.

Have a look at your hand – hold it up in front of you and study it?  What do you see?  Have a look at everyone’s hands in the class – are they all the same size and shape?

different age,color and texture of hands

Do you think the size of your hands determines what you can do with them?  For example do you think we can all hold the same number of apples or coins in our hands?  Hands are really important as we use them in so many ways….

What is happening in this picture?

2 people are holding hands – but can you describe who these 2 people might be? Why might a child hold an adult’s hand? How might this make us feel? ……………

…………….safe, loved, cared for, warm?

Listen to this poem called “Father’s Hands” and have a think what message the poet is trying to convey about how they feel….

Here are some of the words from the poem.

Click to download

What did the father do with his hands?  How do you think this make the poet feel?
I think the poet felt safe and secure and had total trust in his father because he knew that his father loved him and could always keep him safe – his father had strong, capable hands that he could use to protect him.
Christians believe that God keeps us safe in his hands – as God’s hands hold everything in them – the entire world! They believe that through having trust in God they will be safe and so we should “Love the Lord Our God, with all our heart, all our soul and all our mind”.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for the abilities that you have given us.
Thank you, too, for the adults in our lives who love us and keep us safe.
Thank you that you hold the world in your hands.
Thank you that we can always trust you.

Worship – Wednesday 30th June

Sometimes it is really important to show self-control, especially if we want to be the best person we can be. We might need to have control over our attitude, our words, our actions, our manners and our effort – and that ultimately it is up to us to make the right choice at the right time.  Sometimes our choices might affect other people – so being able to have self control is really important in order to be team-spirited.

This morning, have a think about ants! Ants are tiny insects, that can bite and make our skin tickle when they run over us.  If you were to observe ants, you would see that they always seem to be scurrying about – they don’t stop to rest.  That’s probably where the phrase “ants in your pants” comes from!  Have you ever been described as having ants in your pants – what do you think it means?….

…..yes, that you’re just like an ant, fidgety and restless and never still!

But not only are ants fidgety and restless, they are also amazing team players with great strength – which we could learn a lot from.  The Bible even tells us to learn from ants – in the Book of Proverbs verse 6, it says:”

Go to the ant, you sluggard;
Consider its ways and be wise!
It has no commander, no overseer or ruler.
Yet it stores its provisions in summer
And gathers its food at harvest.

Have a watch of this video and think about the behaviour of the ants….what can we learn from them….

What did you think?  What good traits do ants teach us?   Here are some ideas…

Ants are very hardworking; (they are never lazy. As a result, ants never go hungry.)
Ants are strong. They can lift 20 times their own body weight. That’s like a seven-year-old picking up a car!
Ants are self-motivated. They don’t need a boss standing over them, telling them what to do. They don’t complain about how small they are and how big the task is.
Ants are good at planning and organising. They know that they must plan ahead. They are wise enough to know that there will be times and seasons when it will be difficult to go out looking for food or building ant cities, so they store up food and share it out when it is needed.
Ants are team-workers who work for the common good. Ants know that they can accomplish more by working together than by working alone.
Ants are persistent; they keep going. If an ant mound is knocked down, the ants will come together and rebuild it. They don’t give up.

So we can learn a lot from the little tiny ant – and today’s message is that we all need to be more like an ant – to show team spirit in all that we do, so that we can all achieve!  Here’s another video showing how we can be stronger when we work together – just like ants.

Have a listen to this song

Dear God,
Sometimes, life is full of happy things, but sometimes, life is difficult.
Thank you for our friends who share things with us and help us.
Thank you that wherever we are and whatever we are doing,
You are always there for us and you are always ready to listen.

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