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A huge thank you!

Dear parents,

A huge thank you for your incredibly generous gifts today, we were absolutely overwhelmed and want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We have loved teaching your wonderful children this year, each and every one of them have been amazing! Thank you all for your support this year, reading at home with your children, helping them to learning spellings, helping out with trips, forest school, tidying the garden and we’ve even had an Easter bunny!

I have loved my time at Claverley and will be very sad to leave! Thank you all so much for making me feel so welcome and for trusting me with your wonderful children, I will miss you all so much!

Please remember that children need to come to school on the last day wearing school uniform (for the leavers assembly at the church) and will need to bring a towel and change of clothes for our water play and water fight after lunch!

Have a lovely summer!

Mrs Buckley, Mrs Mottram and Mrs Summerfield

Green class end of year water fun!

Dear parents,

We have reached the final couple of days of the year and your children have been absolutely wonderful! As a special treat tomorrow for our last day together as green class we are planning to have some water fun. The weather is due to be lovely tomorrow and slightly cooler but still warm enough for some water play.

Could you please ensure that tomorrow (Wednesday 20th July) children come to school with a towel and a change of clothes (in a named carrier bag) because they are likely to end up soaked (no doubt so am I!)

As always, children will need sun cream and hats. What a way to end a fabulous year with fabulous children!

Wild Zoo

What a fabulous day we have had at wild zoo! The children were so well behaved and a credit to school! We saw animals from all around the world, and even some from Africa, the continent we are learning about in Geography.

Reading books

Please can children have reading books in school every day. If they haven’t read their books, please still send them in as we read as often as we can. We have a few parents who kindly come into school throughout the week to listen to children read and it helps enormously if the books are in school every day!

School photos

School photos will be taken next Monday (16th May). As it is green class P.E day, we have decided that children should come in their school uniform for this (not P.E kit) and bring a pair of pumps or trainers to school with them.

Our special places

This term in R.E, our topic is ‘What are special places and why?’

We will be sharing our special places next week and I would really appreciate it if children could bring a picture of a place which is special to them. This could be their house, the park, the school, somewhere special they have visited like a holiday destination or a day out. They could bring a photo or they could draw a picture of this special place. Please can they bring this to school on Friday 6th May.

We will be visiting Claverley church on Friday 13th May to see what special places of worship are like for Christians. You will receive more information about this visit closer to the time, and of course we will need some parents to come along to help! If you are able to come come with us to the church please let one of us know. Your help will be much appreciated!

Worship – 30.3.22

Good morning,

I want us to think today about the ‘s’ in our ‘BEST’

Support our friends and community.

I also want to think about the importance of forgiving others too.

Sometimes, precious things get broken.

Relationships between people can get broken too. When this happens, only forgiveness can help to make things better. Forgiveness can be hard, especially if feelings have been badly hurt.

If you were trying to explain the meaning of forgiveness to someone who had never heard of it before, how would you describe it?

Watch this clip and it also tells the story again of the servant who didn’t forgive. Green class might only want to watch 1.19mins of the clip.

What might have happened before these pictures were taken? Why might forgiveness be necessary?

What would be the result in the school community if people failed to forgive one another?

Dear God,

When things are broken

Help us to forgive one another.

When friends let us down

Help us to forgive one another.

When life seems unfair

Help us to forgive one another.


Here is a forgiveness song!

Worship – 29th March

Good morning everyone,

Today, we are carrying on our theme of forgiveness. We are thinking about forgiving others just as God forgives us.

When Jesus was talking to his disciples he said:

‘If you forgive others for the wrongs they have done to you, your father in heaven will also forgive you’.

Jesus wanted his friends to know and remember that God will forgive anything that we have done and are ashamed about, but in return we should be ready to forgive others.

Watch the parable of the unforgiving servant.

What did you think about that story?

Have a listen to the forgiveness song

Dear God,

Help us to be ready to show forgiveness to others,

As you are ready to show forgiveness to us.


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